We Cannot Live for Tomorrow, Only for Today.

Today, was an emotional day. My youngest son had to have an MRI for headaches. It was difficult watching anesthesiologist walk away with my screaming son. I couldn’t comfort him. However, I knew that this MRI was needed. I knew in a matter of moments, he was going to be taking the best nap of his life. The MRI and recovery lasted around 45 minutes. My husband and I were asked to go to his recovery room, to be there before he woke up. I walked in, and I fell in love again. My heart grew with some much joy, seeing his precious little body, sleeping so soundly. My husband and I, started to talk to him, rub his arms, and give him kisses. He was so adorable when woke up. He had the biggest smile and looked at my husband and simply said, “Dada.” He was all smiles and giggles afterwards. He was very observant with his nurse and watched everything she did. He was no longer scared. What a trooper!

Throughout this process, my mind was racing. It was thinking about all the negative outcomes that could be presented to us. We were so luckily when we received good news. But, I couldn’t help to think about all the people who can’t seem to find happiness. Why is it so difficult for people to be happy? Why do we struggle? Yes, I believe it’s human nature to complain and desire more. But, when did those feelings take over of our happiness? I’m bombarded with Debbie Downers on Facebook and in life. The amount of possessions defines happiness. Unmet dreams and desires drown out happiness. When did the size of your home define the amount of happiness a person has? Why do you have to have more? Okay, things are not how you like, but does that cancel out all the positives in your life? I believe, we as a society, have lost the sense of community and acceptance. And, in turn, this is turning us into numb community. I struggle with wanting more in my life, for looking a certain size, but then I ask myself, “How will this bring you more happiness?” Happiness cannot be defined by unmet aspirations. Happiness is not a goal to reach but an emotion. We seem to forget to live in the present and appreciate it. Instead, we are looking into the future of “What Ifs” and better tomorrows. We cannot live our life tomorrow, only today.

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