They Are Not My Toy Soldiers

It’s quite odd how as an individual, I question myself, but not as a mother.

There are days that I am completely and utterly annoyed with myself.  I haven’t
finished college.  My weight, oh my weight. I don’t call my family and friends
as often as I should.  Did I show enough affection towards my husband today?

Yet, mothering is rarely on that list.  Okay, sure, I might occasionally regret my tone, but I don’t question the core of my parenting.

I allow my children to have a voice.  I am okay with emotional outburst of sadness
and anger.  I want them to have a voice and never learn to be afraid of it.
I allow my children to have opinions and input.  They are not my soldiers.

My children’s’ thoughts are respected and listened too. Yet, like in life, they may
be denied.  My children have choices and freedom.  And with that, they learn to compromise.
My children play important roles in the decisions that we make day to day, like
mom and dad.  My children are learning to listen to their mind and respect their thoughts.

Along the way, the boys emotions are reined in.  We listen to their cries and offer
solutions.  In their moments of selfishness, they are taught about respect.

My parenting isn’t perfect. There are missed moments of teaching my children
important lessons, sibling fights that weren’t stopped fast enough, an attitude
went unnoticed or corrected.

My boys are valued and respected individuals that are learning to treat others the
same way, and at the end of the day little boys learning about life.


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