Sunday is Bumday!

Sunday is typically known as the day of rest. Right?? Then, I shouldn’t feel so guilty that it’s almost 4 P.M. and I’m still in my pajamas; luckily I did throw on some bottoms for my boy’s sake.

Would you like to do what I am doing, as I type? Well, no shit, I’m typing. Thank you, Miss Obvious. I’m on my bed watching TV. The TV is more as a background distraction as I surf the net. Oh yeah. Bask in the glory.

And my children, you ask? Well, one is laying on the couch, snuggled with his bebe aka blanket and he is watching the glorious boob tube, too. The other, I think he’s in his room, his brother’s room, or on the couch. I’m pretty sure it is one of those three. I’ll end up double checking in about five minutes.

Did I mention that I did deep clean the bathroom, earlier? Why, yes I did. Just one, not both. Let’s not go crazy now. I even cut my husband’s hair. But, that is the extent of my day. I will help cook and clean dinner – as I did with the meals today. We can’t go completely caveman in here.

Much love!



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  1. Rachael Jess

    haha my favourite bit “luckily I did throw on some bottoms for my boy's sake”. Max is only just 2 but I do sometimes wonder if I'm scarring him by going into him at 5 in the morning with just my knickers on – meh droopy boobs are his fault 😉

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