Pass the Aspirin.

I’m laying on the couch being lazy by no fault of my own. Back story: I broke my left foot and my right ankle and leg on July 31st and I’m a gimp that has limited mobility.

My dearest husband has had to take off from his part-time job to stay at home. However, this means the household has become victims of his I can’t sit still and twiddle my thumbs syndrome.  Okay. Okay. It hasn’t been that horrible. I mean, what guy does the laundry and mops out of boredom? SCORE! But the day has come when his mind bubbled over and a “fun” DIY remolding project enters into our household. Sigh. The increase of noises emitted from that area has increased day by day. At first, it was the banging of the hammer with the occasionally grunt. Next came the sound of nails flying and hitting the floor. But now, we have entered hell. The level of intensity of the noises have increased. Now, all these noises has commentary. Bang, bang, bang. “What the HELL?” Buzz, buzz, buzz. “This can’t be right. Shit!” Bang, bang, bang. “This little fucker isn’t going in.” All I can do is laugh and share the aspirin. Wait … is it wrong to say I can’t wait to have working legs and a construction free home?


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