Parenting Pressure And All Its Glory

Can you relate to this mom

Society is great at gathering an image of what a mom should be. How she should look, how she should act, and more. There are categories made that have us trying to figure out where we fit. Am I a trendy mom, soccer mom, overachiever mom? The pressure is built up within our own minds to find the perfect category & balance. 

This is what I’m figuring out. And, I’ve only been a mom for 5 years, but screw the categories and labels. Screw the pressure that’s from society or even the pressure that we festered into our minds from all articles, ads, movies, & celebrities that showcase what a “real mother” is. 

I don’t need the added strain. I’m still trying to figure out who I am as an individual, let alone a mother. But, there is one thing I do know. I’m a great mother. Yeah, I have depression. So what?! It’s not untreated or unnoticed. Okay, I suck at laundry. Meals aren’t always prepared on time. Baths are skipped, diapers are on a little longer than needed, towels are thrown over pee stains at night, my floors are a bit sticky, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes with a sink full of dirty dishes, and my hair isn’t always clean. 

But, here’s the beauty. My children aren’t going to remember *most* of those moments. They’ll remember the moments of splashing paint all over the table while making a masterpiece, the “crystals” we found outside, the impromptu dance sessions, the ice cream cones before dinner, the magical forts, and the smiles, love, and laughter.

Yeah, I know. They’ll remember my epic parenting fails. But don’t you? Isn’t that what growing up is about? Learning from your parents’ epic fails and amazing parenting moments. We are all just trying to figure it. It may not be nice, but we aren’t here forever. Screw the pressure and enjoy being who you are. 




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  1. John S Green

    Hi Sarah – Your children will not remember ANY of those moments you first mentioned but they will remember ALL the spontaneous dancing and art times you mentioned. You got it right about parenting, all right. Loving life with genuineness is the best role model a parent could be.

  2. mohadoha

    Yet another way for us to judge women! Why are we constantly assessed by society, either as a parent, or for not becoming a mother?

    I totally agree that being your own mom (or woman) is important and remind myself of this every time my child is doing laps in the gym while all the other children are paying attention to the football coach's instructions!

  3. Sara Green

    Thank you. How can I teach my children about self-esteem and self-acceptance, if I struggle myself? I believe that being who I am, will benefit my children in the long run by making them confident individuals. Your child sounds very independent and like a free spirit!

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