Mothering Will Win The Day.

Today has been a good day. It’s one of those days when there isn’t anything in particular scheduled. But it’s not that there isn’t anything planned that is making it a good day. It’s the attitudes, the atmosphere, the aroma of content and happiness.

The toddler poured a box of q-tips on the bathroom floor. He became Godzilla and destroyed our marble museum. Which prompted the oldest to sigh and non nonchalantly say that he is at it again.

The boys bickered over toys, yet needed no solution from the mean mommy monster. A game of hide ‘n seek was played. They took turns hiding and seeking. The toddler proudly counted in gibberish which the oldest translated as if he was fluent in the tongue of the toddler.

Lunch time start out bumpy. Little tummies were growling while eyes and hands were on the prowl. Quickly, I dashed to heat up pasta with marinara and spinach. The ding of the plates hitting the table was a call that triggered fast feet trotting to be seated. However, disappoint filled their eyes. Ah, it’s going to be one of those battles. Sorrow filled cries begin to call out, “This doesn’t look yummy. I don’t like pasta. There is something green in here.” But, before the plates were pushed away in disgust, the mean mommy monster appeared with magical mozzarella that they happily sprinkled on their pasta. It was nice to hear silence as they devoured their meal.

Now, the day is still new and anything could set off a bomb of bad attitudes and moods. But, I’m hopeful that meltdowns will be conquered, messes will be made, and mothering will win the day. 


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