Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Funny Stories by Sleepy Moms

Mom Bloggers Turn Mom Lit and Parent Humor Into an Anthology of “Momoir”!

“Confessions of a Scary Mommy meets Chicken Soup for the Soul in this humorous momoir anthology with 43 mom bloggers!”—Moms Who Write and Bog

I am extremely humbled and honor to be apart of this brilliant momoir! But, dad’s don’t you fret … this anthology is relatable for all parents because we all crave one thing … SLEEP!

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Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness is a collection of “momoir” written by 43 mom lit/parent humor bloggers who blog to keep their sanity. Momoir (thanks for that term, Michael Larsen of Larsen and Pomada!) is a mom lit/parent humor blog post combined with the elements of memoir, creative nonfiction, and the conversational style, immediacy, humor, and ranting of a mom blogger. The book is designed to be read in chronological order, starting at page three and ending at page 240.

Ultimately, we mom bloggers are here to make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and feel connected to other moms who are going through the struggles of everyday life with children: a messy house, boredom, cabin fever, depression, guilt, anxiety, drinking, self-doubt, elation, joy, laughter, love, and happiness.  And although we live in different parts of the world, in different houses (and we have different hair styles), we have one common thread: WE DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Welcome to our world, and yours! Book Reviews:

“This book is a must-read for moms of all ages, as well as sleep-deprived dads. If you are in the newborn stage, you will appreciate the short stories you can read during a feeding, and if you are farther in, you’ll love the stories about moms dealing with kids of all ages and how they continue to suck the life out of us well past midnight feedings. Feel a bond with the authors in the book and breathe a sigh of relief during the hilarious stories of those who have/had it way worse than you.”—Susan M.

“Do you have a friend who just has a newborn? Forget a new baby outfit or a massage, this is the only present she needs. The book that says you are not alone in your insomnia. Also it gives her a head’s up that it doesn’t end at 6 months old but maybe at 22. From the sleepless nights when you were pregnant to the battle of the two year old this book sheds the nightlight on battle moms never knew they would face: sleep”.—Kerri Ames.

“This book should be required reading for parents everywhere. The writers are incredibly honest (and funny) about the challenging parts of Motherhood (much more honest, I think, than many of us are face to face!). I read a lot of the contributor blogs already, and I enjoyed seeing their work in this collection too. A fun read!”—Julie Arnold.



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