Monday Meltdowns

I get that most people dread Mondays, but when did my kids get this memo?? Because, today, was meltdown central. Aren’t they too young to have bad moods? Seriously.

 I’m sorry, children of mine, that going out in public requires clothes (especially when you can see your breath). I’m sorry, children of mine, that mommy has to pee and can’t fix you a drink at this moment. I refuse to drip dry because you’re too impatient. I’m sorry, children of mine, that you can no longer sit on the kitchen counter because I need the space to prep your lunch. Unless you prefer not to eat? I’m sorry, children of mine, that I am teaching you about respecting your belongs by asking you to help clean your mess. I mean, I without a doubt, won’t mind donating all your toys to make room for more stuff for me. I’m sorry, children of mine, that I put ice in your hot tea. Next time, I won’t worry about if your tongue falls off by being scorched to smithereens. 

Oh dear children, mommy really enjoys the screams, tears, and tantrums when all I’m trying to do is actually make you happy.

Don’t worry. You’re day will come. And, I will smile and laugh with joy as I see my grandchildren give you hell.



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  1. Denise

    LOL! Oh, I understand. My 2-year-old had a major meltdown yesterday because I wouldn't let her use my phone when I was trying to have a conversation with a friend. I guess our problems with Mondays start long before we remember. 😉

    Found you via Turn It Up Tuesday! blog hop that I'm co-hosting! Thanks for linking up with us again! 🙂

  2. Sara Green

    Thank you for co-hosting!! And, I understand about the phone situation. As soon as my phone rings, the children's volume intensifies, the dogs start barking … it's pure chaos.

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