It’s Time to Pay it Foward

“Did you know that if you take every person killed in a terrorist war around the world in the last 20 years, and add that to every life that’s been lost in the Middle East since the Six Day War in ’67, and add to that every single American life lost in Vietnam and Korea, and every other single other military conflict America’s been involved in since then: Iraq, Afghanistan. If you take all those lives, that we’d all have given so much to save, you still got to multiply them by two to get to the number of kids who die of malaria every single year.” This is a heart wrenching fact was shared in the movie Mary and Martha.

Malaria is preventable and that is the one of the hardest facts to face.

Here are more facts about Malaria:

  • Children that are under the age of five and women that are pregnant are mostly affected.
  • Malaria season, in Southern Africa, begins with the rains of November to April
  • Malaria deaths in South Africa have decreased from reported 450 deaths to 70 deaths
    • This was a great achievement that was met as part of the┬áMillennium Development Goals set by the UN in 2000.
  • An estimated $5.1 billion is needed every year from 2011-2020, to continue the universal access of Malaria prevention.
  • $1 can cure a child from Malaria in one to three days with Artemisinin-based combination therapies.

After I watched the movie, Mary and Martha, I was moved. Can you imagine the risk of fatal disease looming over your head every time a mosquito bit your child, yourself, a family member or friend? I can’t count the times that I have been bitten by a mosquito. One of the most important factors of preventing Malaria is education and prevention. However, this is a difficult tasks to face considering the levels of poverty that these families are faced with.

At Malaria No More, you can donate $1 which buys and delivers a full course of life-saving malaria treatment through our Power of One campaign.

This is your time to pay it forward.


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