I have to admit … this child of mine is annoying

I can’t be the only parent that looks at their child and thinks, “Wow. You’re pretty annoying.” I understand as parents, we are supposed to recognize and take a memory snap shots of all their finest moments, but I’m not too proud to admit that hell yes, my child annoys the crap out of me. Yes, my parenting fails at moments. Yes, my child makes incredibly annoying mistakes. Please, for one day, do NOT say the word fart. I would really appreciate it. Better yet, let’s work on not saying “What the!!” I understand and appreciate that my children aren’t perfect. They make me laugh with their individuality and make me fume. And, I have to admit, that I am proud that my child talks back, thinks for himself, and colors outside the line. Okay, the talking back better not be disrespectful but question things! Go right ahead! Learn. Please develop a sense of you and be proud. I’ve been to several playgroups that when I leave, I think to myself, “Does your child do no wrong?” Of course they do! But, why does it seem that no one wants to talk about the annoying crap our children do? I love hearing about the positives but can’t we get real? Can we talk about it all?? There could be a mom who is at her wits end and feels as though she has reached her breaking point. I’ve been there. And, I’ve bounced back because of my mom friends who talk straight. And sometimes, sharing a really awful parenting moment can turn into a laugh fest that reminds us all that we all pee when we laugh.



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  1. DinoMama

    I feel you…
    My 7yr old's fave phrase now are “What the hell!” “This is so lame”. And he will blurt out “stupid” follow by “oppss sorry mum, I said the S word.”

    Oh well… so long that he is not swearing or hurling vulgarities I am ok with talking back and the rest of the things you mentioned =)

  2. Beth Teliho

    Amen, sistah! YES YES YES to everything you just said. My kids annoy the bejesus outta me, but it doesn't mean I love 'em less. Being able to vent and joke about it is what keeps me sane. Can I get a hell yeah?!

  3. Karen @BakingInATornado

    When people talk as though their kids do no wrong I often wonder who they think they're kidding. Not me, that's for sure. I have two kids and I'm so proud of them both, but they also do plenty of things I wish they hadn't. I try to find humor in them, but I certainly don't pretend they didn't happen.

    I'm a co-host of the Blog Strut hop and found you there. So glad you linked up.

  4. Bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger

    You are so right! Parents who only tell you about all the wonderful, smart things that their kiddos do…It's a warning light for me, that these person are living in LaLa land or aren't the type of people I want to hang out with. Unfortunately, it seems like the older the kids get, the more the population grows there! Great post!

  5. Angela Swanson

    We must live in reality. Kids are annoying much of the time. We all were annoying when we were kids. It is part of being a kid. If it weren't we would probably be more overpopulated then we already are:) I love my girls and granddaughter but yes there are times I just go by myself to the store to get away from everyone. You are speaking the truth!

  6. Black Sheep Mom

    Preach on! Kids ARE annoying! We might as well be real, right? Cuz if we're real and honest then maybe we can help each other and feel less alone. I really like your post, I'm glad I stopped by from the Blog Strut blog hop!

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