Holy Lack of Motivation …

Damn. Where is my motivation at!? Oh wait … I pushed that out along with my kids. I am anti-motivated. It drives me bonkers! And my husband.

Look … I shower, dress, take care of my kids; which includes, bathing, clothing, feeding, and entertaining them. But, I seriously suck at doing shit. Oh, I have these great ideas that pop in head, such as, painting my finger nails, cleaning the bathroom (yes, that’s a great idea because who doesn’t appreciate cleanliness), charging up my DSLR & snapping some frames, or baking. You get the idea. But when it comes to doing things out of necessity & survival, I struggle at doing them. It’s fucking ridiculous. And, once and if, I tell myself 20 times to just freaking do it, I enjoy it and I’m glad. But, why in the hell, do I have to go all broken record on my mind just to do shit??

Yes, I have depression and take medication, but that’s the thing … I’m not depressed. Obviously, my medication has taken care of “you aren’t worth the air you breathe” problem … so why I am still struggling??

Can someone help me fix my broken record!!??



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  1. Katie Federow

    This totally made me LOL! I wonder how many other mothers set that and said ” OMG I feel the same way” Well I know I did, if it means I have to clean after I attempt a project ….Im not going to do it lol!!!

  2. Amber Yoingco

    Count me in 🙂 too often I have those days, sometimes weeks, where I have great aspirations but nothing that needs doing gets done. Like you, I feel better after I step up and do it but why is it so hard to make that choice? I have been trying to take notice of what I do choose to do and why I am motivated to do that over something else in the hopes of tapping into that motivation to get the other things done. At the end if the day, I need to remind myself that I did the most important thing by loving my husband and kids.

  3. Sara Green

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who struggles! I agree, that at the end of the day, only the important stuff matter. But, I'm starting to see that maybe “living” a little is important too, lol.

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