But I don’t want to Share!

Seriously? When will that day come when I don’t have to share almost everything in my life?? Yes, we all know that sharing is caring. But, come on! I share my body. It was your home, now your pillow and tissue. Okay, the pillow part I don’t really mind. However, I would like a booger free top. I share my privacy. That went out the door as I was pushing you out in a room of spectators. Now it continues in the bathroom. Kid, you’ve seen me wipe my butt, change tampons, and shave the Queen V. My husband doesn’t even have THAT luxury. My times has become yours. I am your personal chauffeur, playmate, short order cook, diaper coordinator, entertainer, and more. I know. All of this is an unspoken part of parenthood. But, one day, I will successfully sneak away and eat a bowl of ice cream … all by myself and then feel guilty.



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