About Sara Green

Welcome to The Mother Struggle! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Sara Green, and I’m a neurodivergent mom that writes about her journey.

I started blogging after I had my first son in 2008. At first, it was a way to keep track of his life because I had so many family members across the states that I wanted a home base to track his adventures and the magic of motherhood.

However, things began to change and grow darker. Motherhood wasn’t as magical as I had imagined it would be. Instead, I felt incredibly lonely and scared all the time. I was afraid to sleep. I was worried about leaving my son with anyone. I was becoming paranoid about everything.

I was scared of who I was becoming. I thought I was a failure because I was struggling with motherhood. But, it turns out that I had Postpartum Depression. After my diagnosis, I understood why I had certain thoughts, and it didn’t make me a bad mom. I had an untreated mental illness. 

I started taking medication and write about my struggles with depression.  I still felt alone. I’ve always had a hard time talking about myself and what was going on. So, I wrote. Writing became therapeutic.  And, other moms would comment and tell me that they were dealing with the same thing. And, I realized that I wasn’t alone. But we weren’t talking about it openly. 

Mothers that have a mental illness have been deemed “bad” by society. I believe that is why it’s been a very taboo topic to talk about, even amongst friends. And, I wanted to change this. I didn’t want to feel ashamed for having a mental illness because it doesn’t make me a bad parent, even on my bad days.

And that’s why I created The Mother Struggle (formally known as MotherFluff). I felt like it was important to develop a community of safety, acceptance, and awareness for mothers parenting with mental illness.

Every story that I share breaks down the barriers of stigma attached to mental health. So, join me on this journey! Remember, be kind to your mind! It’s important and so are you. 


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