A Little Update Since I’ve Been Gone

When life becomes hectic, time flies by. I can’t believe it’s been awhile since my last blog post, yet, I doesn’t seem that long ago.

My oldest son had to have eye surgery. He has Duane Syndrome. In his case, it effects his right eye. His right eye cannot turn to the right due to the inner muscle being malformed. Also, due to his right eye being weak, he over compensates with his left eye. This causes him not to be able to look straight ahead without tilting his head to the right. Due to this, his vision in his right eye has become weak. We decided it would be beneficial to surgically alter his right inner muscle on his right eye. This would allow him to look straight ahead without tilting his head and not overusing his left eye.

I was extremely delighted that I was able to carry him into the surgical room and hold him while they administered the first part of sedation. And I believe it was a huge comfort to him too. However, it was very hard, emotionally, watching him go into medical induced sleep. His surgery was roughly 70 minutes and than another hour in post-op. It has been 2 weeks since his surgery, and he is doing wonderful. The first three days were rough, but he hasn’t had any issues since then.
We have also put up our Christmas decorations! My oldest was beyond excited. However, there was a big snafu. Apparently, the Christmas tree must be topped with a star, not a bow … which we didn’t have. And, as you can guess, we now have one!

And just for poops and giggles … here are some pictures of the boys making some Christmas crafts.

 Now, it’s time for me to catch up on other blogs that I’ve missed!!



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