Mental Illness

Can Bullet Journaling Help This Neurodivergent Mom?

I have never been a person that used a planner. I mean, I obviously would buy the planners, pens, and stickers. But they would just accumulate dust. Or I’d give it to one of my kids so they would leave me alone. 

I really haven’t analyzed the reason why I have been so anti-planner. I just saw it as another task to do and the fewer tasks I have, the happier I am. 

Yet, I was somehow always struggling with accomplishing simple things. I’d have a running list in my head of things I wanted to do. But when it came down to it, my brain would just stop. Like, major system overload crash. 

It was so frustrating that I began to feel a lot of shame because I struggled with doing stuff. I would even compare myself to my husband and friends, who are like energizer bunnies that just go, go, go and get things done. 

Like why even do these tasks if all I’m going to do is fail at them? But, I wasn’t a failure. I’m just a neurodivergent mom that struggles with executive functioning. I feel as if I’m always talking about the same thing on my page lately, but it’s been a major year of discovery and I want to share. 

As much as I was hesitant to start using a planner or bullet journal, I tried it. At first, I used a planner to help with homeschool and menu planning. It worked. I was seeing the benefits of using them. I didn’t struggle nearly as much with deciding on what to make for lunches or cook for dinner because it was already planned.

Then, my sister sent me a message showing me a picture of her new bullet journal and I was like yes! This is just what I need. I have been wanting to use this technique to help manage my care tasks. And her layout was perfect. So, as any sister would, I stole it. I made some adjustments that better suited my needs too. 

And, wow, does it feel amazing to check things off. I can SEE my goals and not feel completely overwhelmed.