The Day I’ve Grown to Love

I’ve grown to like Sundays. I feel for some people it might cause dread because of the upcoming week. Monday’s aren’t usually everyone’s cup of tea. But, as someone that battles with mental illness, I’ve come to recognize a new day as a gift.

For me, Sundays are calm. It’s my time to prepare for the week ahead. I used to find myself super or easily stressed on the weekends because I told myself I had so much to do before the week starts that I wasn’t enjoying them anymore. I was rushing through them because of my irritability. So, I’ve worked really hard on appreciating that time.

That doesn’t mean that my new sense of calm doesn’t occasionally get blown to shit because you know … emotions, children, and husband. I mean, you know what I’m talking about? It doesn’t matter how often you meditate or work on maintaining peace, chaos is bound to happen. I think I’ve just taken the pressure off on what I thought the weekends should be.

Like I mentioned before, any new day is a blessing if you suffer from mental illness. And understanding that, I can see the value of a day even if it’s going to shit. Over time, I’ve become to love Sundays. No alarm clocks. Although, my five-year-old is one because, for her, there is no resting once the sun is up. However, I don’t rush to start the day. I just … be and let the day take its course.

For the most part, it leads to meal planning. Every Sunday, I make a menu for the upcoming week. Since I homeschool, it includes lunches and dinners. After I make the menu, I plan out a grocery list and my husband goes to the store. Because I am NOT going to a grocery store on a Sunday. I mean, I’d prefer to never enter into another grocery store for the rest of my life, if I could. While he’s at the store, I tend to clean out the fridge, pantry, and cabinets to make things easier to put away when he gets home.

Afterwhile, I work on the lesson plans for the week. The nerdy person in me LOVES lesson planning. I think it brings out my inner child because I wanted to become a teacher. As a kid, I would play school with my siblings. And, I was SERIOUS about it. I mean, not in the mean-ass teacher way but I took the job of teaching very seriously. I would even go onto our home computer and make worksheets. For my birthdays, my parents and family members would buy me teaching supplies like stickers, workbooks, and even a grading log book.

Even now, I get excited when I create worksheets. It feels childish to find such simple enjoyment out of creating lessons for my children, but joy is joy. I never thought I would homeschool my children but I guess my past had a way of foreshadowing my future. I did try going to college to become a teacher, but the timing wasn’t right in my life.

When I’m done with my lesson plans, I just go with the flow of the day. Sometimes, I play video games with some of my girlfriends. Or, I watch binge some episodes on Netflix. I write, play board or card games with my kids, or go outside. Honestly, it just depends on what I feel like doing and what my kids are wanting to do. But, my oldest boys usually want to spend their Sundays playing video games with their friends since the school week is about to start. So, typically, it really depends on if my five-year-old is going to be independent or very needy for that day.

Truthfully, I hope that an easy day on Sunday will give me enough energy for the days ahead. It’s impossible to know if I will have a good day or a bad day with mental and chronic illness. So, this Sunday evening, I wrap up the night by writing this blog. Soon, I will crawl into bed, watch some television, and read. 

Until next time. 

Remember, be kind to your mind. It’s important and so are you.