Mental Illness

Finding Healthier Habits

Well, I’m surviving without social media. Please read that sarcastically because of course, I can survive without it. But, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an adjustment. Ugh … I sound very millennial and THAT is why I took a break from it. I keep grabbing my phone to bring up Facebook or Tiktok, just to realize I don’t have it anymore. Sometimes, I just hold my phone in my hands staring at it out of routine, realizing I’m utterly bored.

Again … I’m saying that sarcastically because as a stay-at-home mom that homeschools and runs the household, I’m rarely twiddling my thumbs. But during those free moments, I’m quick to jump on my phone. That, OF COURSE, it’s been an adjustment because I’m changing my routine. Recently, I’ve been looking at my “free” time to serve me better rather than mindlessly scrolling on social media.

It does free up a lot of space when you don’t feel so plugged into your phone. Again, could I sound any more millennial?

Today, I baked homemade treats for my dogs. I’m not going to lie, it felt pretty nice to do something like that. I could have gone to the store to buy them, but instead, I made them. I mean, hello Pioneer Woman! And, look how adorable they turned out!! I used a play-dough cut out to make the squares then a rice tool to imprint the paw prints. The smaller ones are little cutters that I bought from Amazon for fruits. Here’s the recipe! It felt good to do something that serves multiple purposes. And THAT is what I mean when I want my free time to serve me. I want to be able to connect to other interests that have layers of purpose.

Like I want to …

Read which is great for the mind and an awesome way to relax.

Solve a crossword puzzle which is again, great for the mind and relaxation.

Write which is therapeutic.

There’s a running theme here and it’s to find things that aren’t mind-numbing. I’m so quick to use the TV or my phone to disassociate from my reality to grasp some sort of break. I couldn’t watch just one episode or look at one app. I would binge. And it created a lifestyle that wasn’t healthy.

I’m seeing that, by writing this, that it was just another mask of depression. I don’t want to say that I became dependent on social media or binge-watching TV but I think it was just a different type of addiction to focus on something other than my reality.

Or maybe I’m looking to add to my purpose? I’m searching to feel more valuable in life.

Whatever is going on with my mental health, I’m going to do the best I can to listen. I know that I need healthier habbits. I don’t want to waste my day away by watching endless amounts of TV or being on my phone too much. At the end of my blog, I sign off with “be kind to your mind, it’s important and so are you.” So, I’m doing to take my own advice and do that!

Until next time!

And remember, be kind to your mind. It’s important and so are you.