When Mom Gets Sick; Nothing Gets Done

Does the world just cease to function anytime a mother is sick?⁣⁣Like, unless I am asking and reminding everyone in the house to get things done, it just sits there?

⁣⁣I mean … wth? ⁣⁣

As YOU can SEE, there are a ridiculous amount of dishes overflowing onto the countertop. Although apparently, it is one of the daily chores for my sons to do the dishes, it hasn’t been done in days. For one reason only: I didn’t tell them too.

⁣⁣So, while I’m sick, my house goes to shit because I’m so freaking low on mental and physical energy. ANNNND, I don’t feel like I should have to remind everyone to take care of it. Any energy reserves that I do have are for managing my feral five-year-old. If you know her, you understand. She siphons ALL of my energy on a good day.

⁣⁣It’s a good day as a sick mom that I’m keeping her safe, alive, and entertained. But, going beyond that. Heck no. I’m not doing it. This house is full of four other somewhat functioning humans that can manage to tend to the home’s needs. I shouldn’t be accepted when I’m full of antibiotics, steroids, and an insane amount of mucus to be the guiding light of responsibility. ⁣⁣

All I want to do is lay down on the couch or in my bed and rest. And yeah, I get that I can’t do that while I’m the only adult in the house with young children. But, damn, when I’m not, that is where you will find me. And, I DO NOT WANT TO REMIND PEOPLE TO CLEAN! But, of course, no one wants to clean a dirty house as soon as they recover from being sick. But guess what?

⁣⁣I have to suck up my annoyance and remind this household of men that don’t look at care tasks like I do to freaking clean. As irritating as it is that their priorities are to look past an overflowing trash can while grabbing a snack, they function with reminders. ⁣⁣So, while I know the house will go to shit without my remainders, I’ll text my girlfriends about how frustrating men are while nudging these dudes to clean. Cause I ain’t freaking doing it.