Mental Illness

Mental Illness Does Not Define You as a Parent

Parenting through mental illness can be difficult. It can alter how we view ourselves as parents. In the darkest days, we think of ourselves failures, unworthy of loving, and providing for our children. It can become overwhelming with the chaos the pain, as it blinds our ability to see the truth. Above all, the truth is that you are not a bad parent. 

You are not a failure when there is no energy to go grocery shopping, so cereal is for dinner.

You are not weak when you sob in the shower over fears of wanting to run away.

You are not useless when crowds become overwhelming and you miss school events.

You are not unworthy when days went on by before you replied to text messages.

You are not inadequate when social media is bare of pictures of adventures.

You are not damaged when all the sounds around suffocate your mind, and you want to scream.

You were not horrible when each touch, tug, and pull of your body sends an irritating sensation all over.

Mental illness strips away the ability to see the radiant power that you hold. It can take away the capacity to know the worth of your life and presence. Mental illness does not define you as a parent. You are more than the moments of suffering. You have continued to fight each day, to love yourself and your children. It is human nature to falter. As parents, we teach our children the importance of endurance: never to give up. Therefore, don’t give up on yourself. 

Remember who you are:

You are a force of endurance.

You are a beacon of possibilities

You are a temple of courage.

You are a collection of stories.

You are a moment worth holding.

You are a warrior of resurrection.

You are, most of all, worthy of unconditional love.

Please note that if you have a mental illness, and are having a hard time coping, please seek help. Click here for the Top HelpLine Resources.